Artisan Soap Bars

Beautifully handmade in small batches, Cinnamon & Clove’s artisan soaps take you to a magical place. With all of nature’s goodness, from organic coconut oil to fair trade cacao butter, it’s a pick-me-up treat that your skin will love.

Moisturising and cleansing, our natural handmade soap bars are infused with wonderful oils for a truly indulgent experience – who knew you could make the going to the loo so fancy? With glorious unique scent blends and unscented options, there’s bubbly sunshine for everyone. Even your soap dish will be doing a slippery, happy dance to celebrate its new statement-making pal.

Add a touch of adventurous luxury to your bathroom, or gift your BFF some bougee suds, with artisan soap bars from Cinnamon & Clove. Stock up on all your favourites with free shipping Australia-wide for orders over $75.