Natural Handmade Soap Bars

Now here’s a cheeky addiction that’ll have you looking and smelling a treat, leaving you cleaner than ever before. A soapy, TLC-filled compulsion that even your mum would approve of – we wouldn’t be surprised if she had a hidden stash of her own.

Say hello to Cinnamon & Clove’s handmade soap bars. Beautifully crafted from the finest vegetable oils, organic butters and essential oils, they’re little bars of heaven. With the help of Mother Nature’s divine colour palette and gorgeous botanicals, these natural soap bars gently cleanse your hands (and soul) while multi-tasking as a statement piece for your soap dish.

Luxuriously moisturising, we hand make them in small batches because quality over quantity, right?! Bucketloads of love, care and obsession to detail is poured into each handmade soap, ensuring that the addiction gets stronger with each wash. With a bit of self-care magic, you can turn your bathroom into a dreamy retreat.

We’ve got scented and unscented options across artisan soaps, crystal soaps and festive soaps. A lovely gift idea, there’s a bespoke option for everyone!

Can’t get enough? Cinnamon & Clove also creates custom soap bars for special occasions, party favours, accommodations and corporate gifting. You can show off your personalised messaging and branding for a truly memorable experience.

With free Australia-wide shipping for all orders over $75, get soapy and share the Cinnamon & Clove love!

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