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Handmade soap donations for local charities

Sheryl - Soaps for a Cause - Cinnamon and Clove

Mum was always generous with her time and skills – as a nurse, she was a naturally caring person, but her generosity was always there for all to see.  It was Mum who told me about the shower facility at our local hospital, for use by the homeless, or disadvantaged, to have a hot shower in safe surroundings. Her ongoing work with our local inter-church charity, HICCI, presented a second opportunity to provide lovely soaps to those who needed a helping hand.

Since her passing, I have decided to carry on her legacy through ‘Sheryl’s Gift’, named in her honour. My mission is to support the homeless, women’s shelters, and those needing a helping hand up from whatever difficult circumstances life has thrown at them.

Confetti soap for crappy times because we all deserve a bit of sunshine

I repurpose ‘imperfect’ soaps by shredding and mixing them into a new batch to create beautiful “confetti” soap.

The soaps are available as small, single-use pieces (and lots of them), for those who may not have the ability to carry toiletries around with them. Alternatively, nice bars of soap are also available for those who do. These can be provided one-off or on an ongoing basis, depending on specific requirements.

If you’d like to request Cinnamon & Clove’s assistance for a particular charity or worthy cause, please get in touch by filling out this form and providing the details of your requirements. You can also email me directly via

Love and soapy stuff,

Megs (and Sheryl) x

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