Natural. Ethical. Beautiful.

Handmade soap that's sunshine in a bar

Natural. Ethical. Beautiful.

Handmade soap that's sunshine in a bar

Cinnamon and Clove Handmade Soap, Bath Soaks & Natural Goodness

Buy handmade soap online, so you can sparkle offline

Purposefully handmade in small batches, the Cinnamon & Clove collection of artisan soaps celebrates life’s little luxuries.

Whether it’s for you, your bestie or your nan, our all-natural, vegan handmade soaps are sure to go down a TLC-filled, sudsy treat. With an invigorating “OMG, am I in heaven” blend of essential oils and scents, it’s exotic luxury for your everyday bathroom regime.

Crafted from the finest vegetable oils, organic butters and essential oils, Cinnamon & Clove’s organic soap bars pay ode to Mother Nature’s stunning array of colours and homegrown botanicals for an extra touch of aesthetic bliss. Lather up for the ultimate feel-good vibes – all ingredients are fair trade and ethically sourced wherever possible.

An addiction that leaves you cleaner than ever

The only addiction that’ll leave you cleaner and brighter than before, your mum would approve of Cinnamon & Clove.

A guilt-free indulgence, discover artisan handmade soap, crystal soap, bath soaks, beard oil and balms, natural skin care and hair care, and all the goodness in between.

Cinnamon and Clove Handmade Natural Soap Bars based in Melbourne

Go on, get nosy!

Blissfully washing away the soul-sucking day you’ve just had, the only thing on your to-do list is a bit of pampering me-time with Cinnamon & Clove.  A sneaky glass of wine and your favourite chocolate, optional.

Shop your favourite natural handmade soap by scent and sniff your worries away.

Sheryl's Gift For Local Charities

Life can get pretty crappy sometimes, especially for those in need. My late mum’s selfless generosity has inspired me to carry on her legacy by supporting local charities and those who could use a helping hand. Because we all deserve a bit of dignity, sunshine and self-love.

Repurposing ‘imperfect’ soaps by shredding and mixing them into a new batch, Cinnamon & Clove creates beautiful “confetti” soap – available as small, single-use pieces or full-sized bars. These soap donations can be provided on a one-off or ongoing basis, depending on individual requirements.

Get clean, slow down.

Hey you, thank you for popping by Cinnamon & Clove. I’m Meegan, the soap-making nerd and crazy cat lady behind it all!

Whether you’re a manic workaholic (like me, but shh) or have your Downward Dog and meditation practice down pat (tell me your secrets), Cinnamon & Clove is a reminder to take care of ourselves and enjoy the clean, slow way of life.

I’m incredibly passionate about using simple ingredients, sourced from fair trade and organic suppliers wherever possible. No palm oil or micas, free from synthetic colours, fragrances and preservatives. All complemented by a beautiful array of botanicals, many of which are grown in my own garden.

Lovingly handmade just for you, I hope you enjoy using your Cinnamon & Clove goodies as much I have adored creating them for you!

P.S. Blue and Wes meow hello! Dog friends will be considered.

It smells like love in here...