Festive Soap Ornaments

Merrily handcrafted and custom cut Christmas soaps

If you’re already obsessed with our artisan soap bars, you’re going to LOVE this merry little treat! Brought to you by Santa Meg and her kitty helpers, Cinnamon & Clove’s festive soap ornaments are guaranteed to add some sudsy, self-care cheer to your Christmas tree – also great as a thoughtful Kris Kringle gift or stocking filler!

Infused with Mother Nature’s beautiful oils and scents, these adorable handcrafted ornaments will pretty up your festive decorations, your shower (and your body). Stamped out with custom cutters and hung on locally dyed raffia for an elegant finish, go wild with our full-sized and mini soap ornaments. Available in fun colours to tickle your fancy.

Can’t get enough? Treat yo’self with our bespoke gift boxes, filled with your favourite soaps and scents. From classic candy cane shapes to Rudolph and the Gingerbread man, there are shapes for every big kid at heart.

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