Select Any 5 Crystal Soaps for $50

Any five of our handmade crystal soaps for just $50.00


Soap bar 1
Soap bar 2
Soap bar 3
Soap bar 4
Soap bar 5
Having trouble selecting just one flavour of soap, or just love a discount offer? Or maybe there’s someone special you want to give a soap to while you’re buying for yourself? Select any 5 of our handmade soap bars to receive one bar free ($50 instead of $62.50 for 6 bars).
To get the most from your hand made soap, please use a soap rack and allow the soap to dry between uses As this product is hand made in small batches, each soap will have a slight variance in design and colour Always check with your doctor before using essential oil products during pregnancy. Discontinue use if any irritation occurs


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