Handmade Natural Soap Bar – Salme

Mandarin & Lavender


Salme: Sayyida Salama bint Said (also known as Emily Ruete) was a Zanzibari princess with a fascinating life story ‘Memoirs of an Arabian Princess in Zanzibar’ I remember first learning about “Princess Salme” during a road trip from Stonetown to the northern beaches of Zanzibar. I was entranced by her extraordinary story – child of a Sultan and his concubine, who was the youngest of the Sultan’s 36 children. Salme lost both parents at quite a young age, and was then found herself in the midst of warring brothers. Some time later, she met a German merchant, and fled Zanzibar with him when she fell pregnant – she outwardly converted to Christianity prior to her marriage, though secretly considered herself to still be a Muslim. After Salme’s husband died, she found herself in trouble financially, and wrote her memoir as a means of raising funds. Her book was the first known autobiography of an Arabic woman, as it was unusual for women to be able to write in those days. Salme died in 1924, aged 79. This soap reflects the unusual pairing of an Arabian Princess and a German Merchant, by pairing Lavender and Mandarin. Together, they complement each other so well that they don’t actually smell like either scent, but a gloriously fresh, calming rejuvenating scent that is loved by everyone. Topped with homegrown calendula petals and lavender buds, this is a particularly pretty bar to beautify your bathroom as well as brighten your day.
Coconut Oil**, Olive Oil*, Filtered Rain Water, Shea Butter**, Sodium Hydroxide, Cacao Butter**, Castor Oil*, Kaolin Clay, Alkanet Root Powder, Paprika, Essential Oils of Mandarin, Lavender, May Chang & Patchouli, Calendula Petals***, Lavender Buds***, Zinc Oxide ***Homegrown | ** Organic/Fair Trade | * Organic
To get the most from your hand made soap, please use a soap rack and allow the soap to dry between uses As this product is hand made in small batches, each soap will have a slight variance in design and colour Always check with your doctor before using essential oil products during pregnancy. Discontinue use if any irritation occurs

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 cm


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